photo credit Raphael Senzamici

Illustrator, Art Teacher, Horse Maniac, Total Nerd.

Not the Big Bang Theory kind of nerd, either (though I do love comic books).  I’m talking nerd magic that starts early.  The “try to create a language because Tolkien did it” and “DIY spiral notebook bestiary” kind of nerd.  Illustration is really just me running back to the woods or the hometown library, and just like when two nerds meet in a homeroom class, I’m thrilled if you enjoy my work.

I spend a lot of time with horses, and the cute movies I watched as a kid were all lies.  Horses are insanely hard work (just as frustrating as they are majestic).  But in their case, the reality is so much more exciting than the fantasy, and I’ve had the best adventures on horseback.

Oh yeah, I’m an illustrator and a middle school art teacher.  Which means people actually let me influence the minds of children.  Hmm.  Better mention my qualifications.  I studied Illustration at both the Delaware College of Art and Design and the Maryland Institute College of Art, and since I’m invested in encouraging the next generation of nerds, I’m certified to teach K-12 Art.